Day 2: Why the list is important

If you did your homework from Day 1, you now have a list of the people you have felt connected to over the years. So what? What does it have to do with today, this moment? They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step, and in order to take this journey of connections, you have to know who it is you’ll be looking for on the way.

A little while ago, an executive coach told me that I should look for “my people.” What an interesting suggestion! Who were “my people”? How do I find “my people”? If I look at my list, “my people” are most often those who make me laugh, who like to think of possibilities, who talk about ideas and beliefs, who are ok with silence, who are vulnerable, and yet strong. Not all of “my people” fit these ideals…sometimes a kindred is strong in one or two of these areas; sometimes a kindred is all of these things and more.

Those who know me well know that living out my faith is everything to me, but not all of “my people” share my theology. Not all of “my people” dream grand dreams like I do. Not all of “my people” share my love for learning and language; some of them can’t even spell 🙂 but those things don’t break the strong connections we share. And while connecting with others cannot and will not be limited only to “my people,” knowing what delights my heart keeps my antennas up and alert for kindreds.

So, who are “your people”? What is it that delights your heart when connecting with others? When you begin to name these things, patterns will emerge. You’ll know what you’re looking for, and that will create more momentum for this journey. And once you know, we can talk about how to start looking for them.

DAY 2 HOMEWORK: Looking at your list of kindreds from yesterday, what are the characteristics that drew you to them? What things make your heart smile when around these people? Take a few minutes to jot down what connects you to “your people.”


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