Day 4: Lift your eyes up

Have you ever gotten onto an elevator and everyone inside is looking at their cell? Or maybe, it’s the opposite. Someone boards the elevator you’re on, and you don’t want to chat, so you pull out your phone to avoid interaction. Maybe it’s not an elevator. Maybe it’s the doctor’s office, or the line at the post office, or in a checkout lane.

You’ve probably got some good reasons why you don’t want to interact with anyone at that moment, and it’s ok to have those days when that’s the mode you operate in, but what if, just once in a while, you do something startling, like talk to the person next to you?

We tend to build walls around ourselves and our digi-worlds make it so easy to do. But does this habit create a pattern in our lives where we don’t even recognize that a wall is there?

There’s a guy at one of our local stores, and he likes to talk. On those days that I need a little shield from the world, I might not choose to get in his lane, but most of the time, I deliberately choose his register, because it encourages me to have a conversation. He seems to be someone who needs connection with people as he works. And I’m working on my ability to connect with others, so it becomes a win-win. I help him, and he helps me. We connect, and for a few minutes, the world seems a little less transactional.

A ride in an elevator can feel empty, or it can start my day off with a quick chat and some laughter. Lifting my eyes up to connect with someone around me can cause my heart to smile.

DAY 4 HOMEWORK: Find a reason to chat with someone near you who you can tell is just surfing aimlessly. See if you can make them smile.


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