Day 5: Let’s get positive

I imagine by now, five days in, you may be thinking to yourself: “The way I am, I’m not really sure if I can break this pattern I’m in.” What’s the downside of thinking like that?

You can just keep on doing what you’re doing, but how’s that working for you? Are you spending more time thinking that everyone else is out having fun? Do you keep refreshing your newsfeed to see what else you can find that’s interesting? Or are you posting things that make you look like you’re having fun so that others won’t think you’re feeling disconnected? I’m not saying that everything posted is a lie, but maybe what’s posted isn’t exactly the truth, either.

Instead of thinking “I can’t do this,” flip that around. You CAN do it! Try a little half-glass-full living! Whole civilizations have existed without being connected to technology and so this current world we live in can do it from time-to-time, too! Our upside is being lucky enough to ALSO have the technology to provide us with instant information, global news, and help when we need it.

See? The news is not all bad. I’m just saying that turning off our cell phones for an hour won’t kill us, and if we can use that time to instead have a human interaction, we’ll be much better off. We all need others. We all need connection.

DAY 5 HOMEWORK: Find some time to take a walk, and then invite a friend along. Leave your cell phone off, or better yet, leave it home! You might miss a photo op or two, but you’ll be creating a memory.


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