Day 6: Letting the grumpies go

I haven’t smelled the color of 5:30 am for a long time. This morning, a looming project at work called to me and so I got up and, foregoing my normal bacon and eggs, got on the road a little after 6. Generally, my tendency is optimistic, but if I’m tired or hungry, I might get a little grumpy. Watch out when I’m tired AND hungry!

My Nashville commute is usually late to try to avoid traffic so I was looking forward to a leisurely ride in the dark. What? How can so many people wake up that early?? I was getting grumpier by the minute.

I finally made it to work and made a little breakfast for myself. As I was waiting for the toaster, I realized how many people actually get to work before 7 a.m. Normally, I might give a short smile to someone standing nearby, but who wants to hear voices that early in the morning? I thought about this blog. I’ve been preaching to myself, and so I decided to have some conversation. A few minutes later, a few of us were laughing together, and you know what? My day was actually quite nice. My grumpiness slipped away with that connection. Hmmm…maybe this stuff works. 🙂

DAY 6 HOMEWORK: I’m not going to suggest you get up at 5:30, but what is it that makes you grumpy? In those grumpy moments, instead of going inside of yourself, seek out someone to have a conversation. Focus on them and see what it does to your mood.


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