Day 11: Autopilot

I think I ran a red light today. I’m not sure. As the hurricane from Mexico’s way poured rain over the mid south, I was trying to figure out how to turn on the defroster to clear some of the fog from the windshield. I saw a green light and took off, but no other cars beside me came along. As I looked in my rearview mirror, those from the turning lanes were moving. I shook my head and could have sworn my light was green. I’m sure those at the light were doing more than shaking their heads. Thankfully, I was driving around Paducah and not Nashville today, so the traffic was much more laid back. Not only was I safe, I didn’t even get an angry horn!

As I thought about that, it reminded me of how easily we fall into the routine. We put our lives on automatic, and get easily distracted by little things. When we look up, we think we see something, but what we’re seeing may not be reality. And that can get really dangerous.

Do you do that? With your job? Go to work like every other day, say hi to the same people in the hallways … With your family? Run your kids to some after school activity, run home, make dinner… How about with your friends? Shoot them an IM or tag them on Facebook, make plans to get together “sometime” … What ruts have you fallen into lately? When you look up, it seems like everyone else is “having a life,” but is that reality? It can discourage us, but instead of going through something that isn’t necessarily real and putting yourself in an emotional danger zone, stop and focus. See what you can do right there in that moment to connect in a new and different way so you can begin “having your own life.” You’ll be happy that you did, and so will those around you.

DAY 11 HOMEWORK: Stop. Focus. What’s around you right now in this moment? If you’re near people, how can you connect? If you’re not around people, what’s your next step to getting connected? Don’t get distracted; be proactive!


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