Day 13: Long, long day

It’s been one of those days. You know the kind. You’d rather stay in bed, but you drag yourself out from under the covers. You grab something quick to eat and get on the road. Traffic slows you down, but you find a work-around, and then at work, you hit the ground running. There was fun mixed in, but barely a break to breathe in for a few minutes.

That was my day today. I worked late and then dragged home. All I really wanted to do was vegetate and go inside a cocoon. Instead, we started talking and talking, and we didn’t vegetate at all. You know what? I’m not as tired as I normally get when I just vegetate. Very interesting. That’s the human connection.

People who exercise regularly say the same thing. You might be dead tired, but once you start exercising, you gain energy. It’s a law of contrary…you think one thing, but it turns out to be the opposite. We just have to train our minds to get over the desire to vegetate and we’ll have a much more rewarding result.

DAY 13 HOMEWORK: Don’t think you can’t ever vegetate; you can. Sometimes. But try to practice the law of contrary. When you are exhausted, don’t slip towards what’s easiest. Resist and practice the human connection.


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