Day 15: Definitely a kindred sister

Today, my sister moved. Again. I thought I moved a lot, but she has me beat. I loved her previous home, so I wasn’t too excited about this move, but by the time the movers had everything moved over today, I could see that she is going to be really happy in this new place. It’s cozy, and it fits her personality. And besides, they’re 4 miles closer. 🙂

I went to help and spent the whole time cleaning the bathroom. The first day of any move, you should at least have a bed to sleep in, a clean place to take a shower and brush teeth, and enough space in the kitchen to make breakfast.

While I was working away, I heard the doorbell ring. It was a little weird because just about every door in the place was wide open, but then I heard someone chatting with her. It was a neighbor who had come over to welcome her to the neighborhood. Connection. It seems a little old fashioned in today’s world, but I was so happy to see that she had neighbors who would reach out.

Welcoming a new neighbor is priceless; stepping out of a comfort zone to say “let me know if I can help in any way” is getting to be a rarity. And there I was, hanging over a dirty toilet, and my heart smiled.

DAY 15 HOMEWORK: What comfort zone can you break out of today? Make someone feel welcome…you never know when someone else may be hanging over a toilet and needs a smile.


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