Day 16: Who is Security General?

I got hacked. It wasn’t what I was going to write about today, but when your name on Facebook changes to Security General and it can’t be changed for 60 days, it makes you wonder who you really are. Maybe people should start saluting me! Tee hee hee, but really: Will people stop talking to me, thinking I’m some stalker? Will people turn me in for looking like a scam? Can someone else still access my account? Maybe I’d better go check my bank account…be right back.

OK…at least for today, my bank account is still intact. Whew! Maybe this is part of the reason why people stop connecting. It’s easier to disconnect than to trust your world to someone who might end up hurting you.

I can’t live like that. I tried for a while, but it isn’t fun. Yes, people can hurt you, they WILL hurt you, but you have to let go of the hurts, the fears, and just live. Yes, it can be a pain to try to make things right when someone sabotages you, but it’s part of this age we live in. Don’t stop trusting; don’t stop living. Double your efforts to make things better for those around you. Those who mean you harm will get theirs some day; in the meantime, keep connecting, and shining in your part of the world.

DAY 15 HOMEWORK: Take a step towards trusting again. Someone hurt you? Forgive them, and reach out to someone else who may need your support today. You don’t have to connect back with the one who hurt you, but don’t stop connecting altogether. Take it from Security General!


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