Day 17: Being Silly

Laughter. It makes connections where there are walls. Or, at least fences. When two people begin to laugh, even if they are opposites, a moment is shared and friendships can be born.

In my world, I spend a lot time laughing. Most of my kindreds make me laugh. We laugh at silliness; we laugh at jokes (usually bad puns); we laugh at the past; and we laugh at our own stupidity during any given day.

If laughter is the best medicine, then my medicine chest is full of the good stuff. On those days when I might be down. I go and pull out a strong dosage, a memory of our funny conversations, and it makes me giggle. But despite funny memories, I’d much rather have a live moment of laughter with another being. It makes me happy, it makes them happy, and the laughter lingers long after the giggles fade.

DAY 17 HOMEWORK: See someone who is down? Struggling with an “opposite”? Try your funny bone. A joke, a story, or just silliness can do wonders. They may not laugh, but at least you tried, and I’ll bet you lighten up your own journey.


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