Day 19: Go!

Finding kindreds…how do you do that? Where do you go to look for “your” people? There’s lots of places, but you may have to get creative. First, think of what you like to do. Where do your interests lie?

For me, I like to write, I like ideas, and I like to brainstorm with those who like to think about such things. For years, I’ve been part of a professional group and when I attended their meetings, as much as I tried to network, the relationships rarely grew. Recently, I joined a new group, and I immediately felt at ease. It seemed like I got these people, and they got me. It was like exhaling.

That’s what finding “your” people feels like. It’s comfortable. It’s familiar. You don’t have to pretend. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

One friend likes photography so she took a photography class. My brother likes theatre, so he’s been in many of his local plays. Another friend likes scrapbooking, so she got a job in a scrapping store. My son is a drummer so he played in a band. Another friend likes gardening, so she takes her flowers to those who need cheering up. There’s no specific place to start, except with yourself. Knowing yourself will give you a hint of where to look. Then you just need the courage to step outside yourself and actually go.

DAY 19 HOMEWORK: Find a group that matches your likes, and go. See what happens. If you can be yourself, then you’ve started down the right path to finding a kindred.


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