Day 22: Marching on

One of things that I enjoy most is digging around in my yard. I’ve not had much time to do that lately, but today I got a chance. It was overcast and slightly chilly, which is perfect for putzing. And, it was muddy, which is great for pulling up the weeds in our clay soil, but it makes it a little difficult to get around because the tennies get weighed down with a thick coat after a while. You probably know what I mean.

I was dismantling a rock garden and as I picked up various rocks, I saw all kinds of bugs. They don’t scare me. On the contrary, I find watching them fascinating. Each one has its purpose, no matter how microscopic or how many legs it may have. As I watched the bugs, I thought about how each living creature has its own obstacles. I was moving their homes around, and they darted around for cover. Some of them, ever so slowly, inched their ways through the mud, trying to figure out what was going on with them, but yet, they just kept at whatever their objective was. Sometimes they would crawl onto me, and I would simply find them a branch to climb on to, or a hidden path where they could get back on their way.

Watching the bugs in my yard reminded me that I’ve just got to keep on, no matter what obstacles are thrown in my way. I’m working on connecting more and more, and when I get detoured from that objective, I’ve got to pick back up where I am and start again.

DAY 22 HOMEWORK: What sorts of obstacles are you running into today? Has anything changed in your path? Start again, right where you are. Keep going forward.


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