Day 25: Spam is irritating, mostly

I heard a phrase today in a podcast that has stuck with me. My brain usually goes a million miles an hour, so for something to stick with me past an hour or so is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!

The speaker was saying that the average attention span today is 9 seconds. That’s how long you have to reach someone with a message! Then, in the process of explaining her point, she asked that interesting question: Are you human spam? She said that, because we have such a short time to get someone’s attention, we either add value or we add to the clutter, so we’d better be sure that we have value to add.

What I liked about that thought is that those who are my kindreds understand when I’m spamming them, and they don’t delete me! I truly agree that we need to be adding value, and it’s important to know that we can make a huge impression with what we say in 9 seconds, (that’s especially important to me as a professional communicator); however, as a human spammer, I can’t always have my head clear enough to make sense in 9 seconds. I can work on it and I will be working on that, but in the midst of being imperfect, I still have kindreds who love me and put up with my clutter.

DAY 25 HOMEWORK: If you’re a human spammer, work on your ability to add value in 9 seconds (that is, get right to the point with clarity and value). But give yourself a break if you don’t get it down right at the beginning. We’re all a work in progress.


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