Day 26: Creative thinking

One of the things I really believe in is having fun. I find great joy in taking my team out for what we call Creative Wednesdays. We’ve tried to do it once a month; work sometimes gets in the way, but when we have enough of a moment to take a breath, we congregate somewhere outside of work to get our minds thinking differently. Exercising our creativity makes us more effective when we come back to work, and opens channels of nonlinear thinking.

One Wednesday afternoon, we met at a local mall. Our logo is a circle, and sometimes it can be challenging to integrate the circle into the design. By taking an hour out to pay attention to how circles are used in the world around us, we start seeing differently. We were running around the mall snapping photos with our cell phones, and in less than an hour, we each had 30-40 photos of circles.

Another Wednesday afternoon, we met at an out-of-the-way library. We had a series of puzzles to do, and a scavenger hunt of sorts through the stacks. Working our way through the library and those puzzles was another way to think less linearly.

Our next Creative Wednesday is actually on a Thursday, but it’s the exercise that counts.

DAY 26 HOMEWORK: Sometimes it’s good to look at the world through those different-colored glasses. And when it comes to connecting with others, sometimes it’s good to look at the people you encounter through a  different lens. By looking at people differently, you might find a kindred in an unexpected place. Stretch your viewpoint and see what you can see in a new way.


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