Day 27: No answers yet…

Why is it so hard to resist the urge to look at technology? When a small group of people are together, why is the one not on technology not the pull to get people to look up? Instead, the group looking down at their cells slowly force the one longing for connection to pull out his or her phone, too.

I’ve been pondering this question for some time. Is it that the one waiting to connect can’t resist the urge to see what everyone is finding so interesting? Is it that the peer pressure pulls us to be like everyone else? Is it that an adorable little animal video is so much more important than the people in the room? After all, they’re probably not so adorable. 🙂 What makes us so drawn to the mundane in others that we can’t find the wonder in people right around us?

I don’t have the answer yet, but I’m seeking it. Do we feel we might miss someone else’s moment? Do we not want to be the last to know? Is it much easier to live vicariously through the lives of prodigies on the web than to ask someone nearby about their thoughts, ideas and even what their special talent might be? Do you even know?

Don’t think for a moment that I’m the one who’s always the model connector! Sometimes I’m the catalyst for sending everyone else to their cell phones. Sometimes I’m not. But even in those moments when I’m the cause of disconnection, I’m still longing to connect people, to connect to people.

DAY 27 HOMEWORK: Ask someone around you what special talent they would record if they were brave enough to post a video that could go viral. Pay attention to what conversation begins as you ask.


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