Day 28: Don’t let fear stop the connecting

I had a different post for today, but as I sat down to upload it, following hours of reports on the attacks in Paris, the topic had to be different. I know that my behavior is counter to everything that I’ve been talking about, but my heart is breaking, and I needed to hear what happened. People were just out connecting with others during this heinous act. These types of things remind us how critical it is to be ready to meet God at any moment.

Listen: We cannot let the fear of such a possibility happening anywhere stop us from continuing to go out and live, and connect with others. People matter, and maybe someone needs you more this weekend more than normal.

DAY 28 HOMEWORK: Pray for those people who were in Paris tonight, the families of those who are now gone, for those who were traumatized, for the wounded, and for the leaders and law enforcement there. And hug someone extra tightly.


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