Day 30: Something for yourself

Most recently, I’ve been talking a lot about connecting with others, but for today, I want to talk about connecting with yourself. What do you need for today? Is it rest? Is it exercise? Is it healthy food? Is it chocolate? (It’s almost always chocolate for me.) Do you need a minute off by yourself? Do you need prayer? Do you need some time to just breathe deeply?

Try looking at the foundation of your wish for yourself, rather than the obvious. What is causing that wish? Are you tired? Are you stressed? Are you in debt? (Sort of the same thing.) Are you holding on to bitterness somewhere deep inside? Are you fearful? Are you lonely? Do you need some time with your Creator?

No matter the craziness of your today, take out 15 minutes to decide what it is that you truly need, and find a way to take care of yourself. It may not solve whatever problem you’re facing, but when you get to the root of your need, you’ll find a place to start.

DAY 30 HOMEWORK: Do some self-inventory and act on what you discover.


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