Day 31: Outta this world

As I was growing up, one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons was The Jetsons. I loved everything about it: Rosie the robot, Astro the dog, George and Jane, Judy and Elroy…I loved their future world, their space cars, and the relationship issues they had that crossed the eons.

I learned many lessons in life from watching Saturday morning cartoons: friendships come in all shapes and sizes (Fat Albert); right always wins out over evil (Dudley Do-Right); and fear can’t keep you from solving problems with your friends (Scooby-Do). I also learned how to dance by watching the early years of Soul Train (That wasn’t a cartoon, but it came on right at the end of the morning).

Those Saturday mornings instilled some of the humor in my life, and I probably wouldn’t have thought at the time that I was doing anything that life-altering, but many real lessons were taught in those 30-minute lessons.

Connecting with others, whether it’s your favorite talking dog, or groovy friends who drive around in a psychedelic van, is the song I keep singing. That theme is weaved throughout our society, and if we take the time to notice, the song arises again and again.

DAY 31 HOMEWORK: Think about the lessons you learned about growing up. How did they teach you about connecting with others? Act on one of those lessons to start building out-of-this-world connections.


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