Day 32: Bunco Night

Once a month, I get to play Bunco with my sister’s church friends. I love the concept of Bunco. If you’ve not played, there’s absolutely no skill involved. It’s sort of like speed dating with dice.

We play 18 rounds and in each round, you get to play with different partners. After rolling the dice, numbers are tallied. The winners move, and the losers stay at the table, but have to change partners. That way, through the night, you get a chance to have conversation with everyone who’s there.

There are prizes for those who win and even for the biggest loser, and some ladies can get pretty competitive (you know who you are), but I don’t play for the prizes. I love these ladies and enjoy hearing about what’s happened to them over the past month. Sure, it’s fun to win from time-to-time, but even with no win, the moments to chat are precious. It’s why I go each month.

Bunco fits in with my push to connect with others. If you don’t have time during your month to connect with anyone, consider joining a Bunco group. Or, better yet, start one up yourself. I’m sure you can get instructions online.

Some days, I’m tired and don’t want to go to Bunco, but unless there’s a specific conflict, I push myself to go. I’m always glad I do.

DAY 32 HOMEWORK: It’s ok to schedule your connection, as long as you push yourself to go. Find something you’re interested in and get it on your schedule! Then go!


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