Day 33: It’s a lie

Since I’ve always being interested in psychology, one of my favorite TV shows from a few years back was Lie to Me. Loosely based on the work of  Dr. Paul Ekman, a psychologist who co-discovered micro-expressions, the story gave some hints about how to read expressions to tell if someone was telling the truth or a lie. I watched each episode with great attention to the details.

Today, I learned from an FBI interrogator and found out that show was mostly a lie! What a deception! He said that 87% of the information the average person has collected about body language  is incorrect. Wow…Only 13% of what you think you know about body language is true!! The lecturer said he called Paul Ekman and asked Paul why he was advising on a show that all his FBI friends watched just for the humor. Paul told him that it was TV, and they were paying him…a lot.

That was the introduction to the lesson about body language, and I found this guy to be fascinating. The one question I asked was how to  enter a group of people who are talking, in order to introduce yourself. He said that if the group points their toes away from you, then they don’t want you to enter their conversation, but if they step open and point one of their feet towards you, then that’s a great sign that they are welcoming you in.

You can’t always depend on what someone else does to be welcoming, but you can consider how welcoming you’re being to a stranger. So think about that tonight!

DAY 33 HOMEWORK: Pay attention to your feet. When you meet someone new, point your foot toward them to signal, “You’re welcome here.”


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