Day 34: Off the Grid

Today, I read an interesting email from a coach. She was telling about her recent trip to celebrate her 35th anniversary. The coach left an out-of-office message that she would be off the grid for 35 days, and she deleted the email account off of her cell phone so she wouldn’t be tempted to answer work questions.

She recounted what the time away did for her soul, spirit, mind, and physical energy. She came back renewed and ready to get back to work with vigor.

A coach’s whole work life is connecting with people so I admire her ability to totally disconnect. She had someone who was her backup who handled all incoming requests and she said she only lost out on one client as a result of her decision to disconnect.

We all can’t do what this woman has done, but we can make the decision to disconnect for some period of time. What is that time for you?  Can you disconnect during a week of vacation? (It’s better not to post pics while you’re away anyway…thieves will know you’re out too.) Can you disconnect for just one day? How about an hour or two while you spend time conversing with people you love? Her vacation was an extreme example of what I’ve been talking about the past 34 days, and even if we don’t go to her lengths, we can still learn from her.

DAY 34 HOMEWORK: Make a short-term resolution to go off the grid. It doesn’t matter the length of time. Pick something that stretches you and see what it does for your soul, spirit, mind, and physical energy.





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