Day 35: It’s working

So I really think it’s working. What? This connecting stuff. When you start to be intentional, it’s easier to naturally connect with others.

One of my team members had a birthday today. As a group, we weren’t all in the office today so we celebrated a little early yesterday. I took them to Sweet Cici’s to get some frozen yogurt. We sat and laughed for a while and it was just nice to be out of the office, celebrating, and taking in a little of the autumn sunshine.

Then today, we couldn’t NOT celebrate something on the actual birthday, so I invited our half of the floor to go celebrate with us at lunch. I didn’t think many would go, because a bunch of people were out, but there were more than a half-dozen of us around the table.

After work, another co-worker was celebrating her birthday, which is really on Monday. With the holiday coming up, she’s not going to be in the office so her boss invited our half of the floor to an after-hours gathering. I decided to go. Typically, I like to come home as soon as I can when I get done working, but in reality, I probably would have stayed in my chair working late on a Friday night to get the last of my list crossed off.

I asked a friend if she was going, and she said no. But then, she asked me with a surprised look: “You mean, you’re going?” That gave me an opportunity to talk about my blog and about being intentional about connecting with others. She was right to be surprised; I wasn’t sure where the “real me” was disappearing to, I joked. She asked me if I liked the “new me,” and we laughed as I shrugged my shoulders.

I’m not sure if I liking the “new me” yet, but I do like that it’s easier for me to take time for others. Being intentional, things really start to change.

DAY 35 HOMEWORK: Reflect for a few moments how far you’ve come in the last 35 days. Are you noticing a difference yet? If so, celebrate. If not, let’s keep at it.



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