Day 36: Sharing your bounty

So we’re coming up on Thanksgiving and I want to talk about gatherings. When I was growing up, we always had someone at our house for Thanksgiving. Maybe it was a widower who lived next door, or it could have been a dear friend whose family lived a ways away; it could have been a foreign exchange student at a local college, or it could have been any person she found who didn’t have anywhere to go for a family dinner. My mom was a great example of opening the door to share what she had been given.

We usually ate too much and then spent time following the meal playing games and getting to know our guests better.

We still have a few days before Thanksgiving, so I wanted to encourage all readers to think about who you might include in your gathering. In the process, you might just find your next kindred.

DAY 36 HOMEWORK: No matter what type of Thanksgiving you’re planning, think about including someone who wouldn’t otherwise be gathering with others. If you can’t invite someone this year, think about delivering a pie or some treat to someone in need. Then act on it!!


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