Day 37: Family exercise

At the end of the day, most of the time, we just want to vegetate. Our heads are tired from working, and we retreat into our own worlds.

Following dinner, we sit and read, or surf, or watch tv, talking at breaks or when we get bored with whatever we’re doing. We talk about joining a gym, but we’re mostly not too disciplined to do that.

When we’re quiet, the conversation is pretty slow: a comment here, a comment there, without much interaction.

Here’s a way to start the conversation: Get down on the floor during the commercials and challenge each other to short spurts of exercise. At least in our family, when we exercise together, the laughter starts as does the competitive spirit. We exercise and feel more energetic and connected, even when it’s only a minute or two at a time. If you can do a little bit a day, then you can build up stamina and before you know it, you begin feeling more fit.

Our friend told us one way to ensure that you’ll exercise every day is to commit to paying $10 in to a kitty if you fail to exercise. It seems harder to give up $10 cash, so the incentive is greater than if you’re paying for a gym membership and you just don’t go. You feel it more deeply in your pocket some way. It’s worth a try!

DAY 37 HOMEWORK: Not up to exercising most days? Start small. Try just one commercial. If it feels good, exercise through another. If you don’t have enough energy to get through more than one, wait about 15 minutes and exercise again at the next commercial break. Challenge your family to join you and watch the level of conversation change.



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