Day 38: Happy Birthday, Kindred

One of my first kindreds is my sister, who is celebrating one of the big birthdays tomorrow. So, before I talk about her, I want to wish her a blessed day and a year ahead full of the best that life in this world has to offer.

She’s the oldest in our family and I’m second to the youngest. All the rest of our siblings are men. I don’t have that many memories of the two of us together when I was little, though she probably has plenty of memories of me as the irritating little sister. When we moved, I was in third grade and she was making her way to college, as a very, very young freshman. I really didn’t get to know her that well until my high school years, when I lived with her for a couple of school years.

My sister is someone who likes to make things nice for others. She’s a “Martha,” and is the one who you’d find cooking and cleaning, and is always busy so that others have a flawless time. She’s the one who thinks about providing a meal for someone in need. She’s the one who will mail a beautiful card to someone who needs encouragement. She’s the one who will provide a goody box for a lonely college kid or a single who might be lonely on any random date. My sister has a heart of gold and many may not even know it because she doesn’t call attention to herself. She’s someone who is so busy taking care of others, that she rarely has time left over to care for herself. Family is her favorite thing and she’d give up anything to be with her grandkids.

If you can’t tell, this kindred is my sweetest, the one I’ve known the longest. She knows me, loves me, and takes care of me. I try to take as good care of her, but I can’t measure up to her skill. My sister will always have my heart.

DAY 38 HOMEWORK: If you have a sister, give her a call today and tell her how much you appreciate her. A brother would work too. 🙂 If not, call someone who you think of as a sibling. They’ll like hearing from you.



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