Day 39: WooHoo!

Yesterday, I wrote about my sister and her big birthday today. Tonight, I want to write about the party we pulled off without her knowing. I love when a surprise comes together, and can truly be a surprise.

Her husband, her kids and I have been talking about the surprise for a couple of weeks: who to invite, how to pull it off without tipping her off, design, and on and on. It was mostly their party, and I just got to help.

My sister is one who usually picks up on things, so that she didn’t guess anything big was going on is probably due to their recent move and the list of music programs she was directing at school.

I texted my sister a birthday wish early this morning. That’s something I would normally do. But a half-hour later, I got an email that said she had left her phone home today. Oh, bummer! That might throw plans off a bit. I wanted to talk to her before the end of the day so she would hear my normal office sounds. Then it would be time to rush off to get balloons.

At the time I thought she’d be home, I called to ask what plans she had to celebrate her birthday and told her we’d have some sister time after her kids go back to their homes. When we hung up, I wasn’t sure I had deflected any suspicion or not, but the timing was a bit later than I wanted it to be, so we had to just run with what it was.

So, with all the people invited, and RSVPs in, we had a restaurant reserved nearby that one of my nieces helped my sister to recommend for their dinner tonight. She really thought it was her idea.

Everyone gathered at the restaurant at 6 p.m. The Nashville traffic was worse than I expected for rush hour the week of Thanksgiving, so I had to text my niece and ask her to stall. Luckily, it didn’t seem odd to my sister to delay the dinner time at all, because part of her family left a little early to “get a table.”

I pulled up at about ten after 6, and rushed in with the table decorations, just minutes before my sister and niece came in the door. Whew!

From the front door, she saw one of the guests at the party, but her assumption was that she was just randomly at the restaurant with her own family. When she came to the back room, she was truly surprised!

While there wasn’t much time or room to converse with all the guests that came, the event was such a cool event to celebrate my sister, and to spend some time with a bit of our family.

DAY 39 HOMEWORK: There’s not really any homework for tonight. I’ll just encourage you to do something for someone else. Even when it’s for others, you can gain so much satisfaction in the process.




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