Day 40: All in

Family time together can be bunches of fun. Tonight, we watched a family comedy with corny, Hugh Grant humor and the chorus of laughter brought a smile to my heart when I stopped laughing and just listened. There’s something about laughing together that causes memory loss: forgetting problems, forgetting irritations, forgetting hurts, even if it’s just for a little while.

It’s not often that we take the time to do these family things with us all equally engaged. When that happens, it creates a special connection and relationships tend to be easier. We tend to be more patient with each other. We can keep that light-hearted feeling going for quite some time. I’ve noticed the secret to getting us all engaged at the same time is the process of disconnecting from our cells and physically all being together in one space. It can be a movie, or a game, or just story telling, but we’re all in.

DAY 40 HOMEWORK: As you gather with family members the next few days, pay attention to being present. Put your cell away except to take a photo or two, and get all in. Your memories created will be tons better than anything you see on social media, and you can always catch up later.


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