Day 41: Digging deeper

Sometimes you’ve been around people so long, you might think you know everything about them. Maybe not…not if you ask the right questions. Today, after our Thanksgiving meal, my sister brought out a list of questions that she found online at It was a list of over 100 questions written by Brian Kluth that allowed us to explore things we may not know.

“What types of jobs did your parents have when you were little?” “Tell me a story about my mom when she was little.” “Who was your first kiss?” The list went on and on, and we adapted them as fit each person. We laughed at some memories and learned a few things about each other that we had never heard. There were some stories that, even as siblings, we didn’t remember the same.

It was a great way to connect more with those sharing the meal with us, and brought us closer together. I was glad that my sister brought out the list. That conversation lead to us bringing out the instruments and jamming for awhile. Almost everyone participated, or closed their eyes for a few minutes. They said they were enjoying the sound, but I think the turkey made them a bit sleepier than they admitted.

I’m grateful for the time we got to enjoy together, and wouldn’t trade a moment of it.

DAY 41 HOMEWORK: My sister said there were lots more resources at that ChrisFabryLive website. Check it out and see if there’s something that could draw you closer to others; or google your own list of questions and keep them in your back pocket as conversation starters.


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