Day 43: Rain, rain, you can stay

It was a rainy Saturday in Nashville, and we were looking for something to do indoors. We decided on Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I’ve been several times, but those with me hadn’t, so I was excited to show them the exhibits. I’m not a huge country music fan, but I’ve always loved history and learning about things I don’t know, and I love music in general so it was a perfect place to go. I love Elvis’s old car and piano. I enjoy looking at the costumes and reading the little stories; I push all the buttons and usually drag behind my gang. It doesn’t matter that I’ve read the signs before. It’s like soaking in the history again.

One of the newer exhibits since the last time I was there was an exhibit that taught about country music. Guests can register themselves in the system and then as they move around the exhibit, they can take enter their short quizzes and earn badges. I’m absolutely not one to give you any facts about country music, but my daughter-in-law and I decided we’d try.

There were 7 or 8 badges to earn, and I had to do a couple of them twice because I didn’t know the answers, but working around the room, we found ourselves enjoying ourselves more and more. We got to record ourselves in the studio, mix our own “record” and then design an album cover. Neither of us would win entertainer of the year, but we were being silly and laughing, and simply enjoying our time together.

I was glad for the rain that chased us indoors. We had to get creative to enjoy ourselves, but we did, and it was worth it.

DAY 43 HOMEWORK: Get creative and find something different to do. Invite someone along. Don’t just do it half-heartedly. Jump all in. Be silly and have fun.





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