Day 44: My Daughter-in-Love

Today, my daughter-in-law turned 25. We’ve been having a lot of fun since she joined our family nearly a year ago. We have a similar sense of humor and don’t mind being silly together. She’s a kindred.

One of the things I was explaining to her was the magic of 25, at least it was for me and some other kindreds I know. It seemed up until I was 25, I still felt like a young adult. Once I hit 25, age started to become just a number, not necessarily something to reach for anymore. Friendships started to change, too, or rather, the range of ages of my kindreds started to change. As I got older, I never looked at age as a number again. I don’t mind telling my age, because age is all in the mind…if you feel old, you will act old. If you feel young, you’ll act young, regardless of the number.

This is all a part of why I can be kindreds with my daughter-in-law more than 2 decades younger than I am, and equally as friends with kindreds more than 2 decades older. Of course, the other part of why we can be friends is because of the love we share. I wish her the happiest of birthdays, and a welcome to the ageless society. May we be forever young!

DAY 44 HOMEWORK: Take a look at your friendships. If you haven’t broadened the age range of your friendships, look for ways to get to know someone who doesn’t typically look like they should be a kindred. You might be surprised at what you find.


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