Day 45: Adding to the List

I’d like to add something to my List. Remember the List? From way back in our first week, we were putting together the list of things that make someone a kindred. It’s worthwhile to keep going back to your List and adding to it, adjusting it as necessary. When you know what you’re looking for, it’s easier to spot it when you see it.

So, I learned today that something that really resonates with me is a strong work ethic. It’s something that was instilled in me as I grew up in the midwest. My parents taught me to work hard and to not give in. And I do that. Maybe to my detriment. Mostly to my detriment. That’s why I keep saying that I’m preaching this blog to myself. I do need to learn to breathe more often, but even when I take time to breathe, that work ethic is still there.

When I find someone who doesn’t have that strong work ethic, who is actually the antithesis of a strong work ethic, I struggle with my emotions.  I can still be pleasant with these people, but they would never be a kindred. It’s a deal breaker for me as far as kindreds go. It doesn’t means these people are kindred-less…it’s just that different things matter to them and they will find kindreds like them.

They just happen to drive me crazy.

DAY 45 HOMEWORK: Pull out your List and see if there’s anything you need to adjust. It’s not meant to be a static list.


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