Day 46: Don’t let the bed bugs bite

I thought I would be able to skip the cold bug that’s been going around in my house, but it’s finally caught up with me. I probably should have stayed home from work yesterday, and definitely could have stayed home today, but as the year comes to a close, there’s a bunch of projects we’re trying to finish up before getting in our last days of vacation. I don’t have a fever, and I’m popping the Zicam to try to get the cold to go away faster.

Besides, we had a work dinner tonight and I hated to miss it. It was with some vendors we’ve eaten with several times. These ladies are fun! We spend the whole meal laughing and telling stories. Tonight, we shared stories of bed bugs and head lice and other joys of traveling for work.

I really enjoyed the evening, despite feeling under the weather. But as I was driving home, I got thinking about kindreds. You may remember that laughter is one of the items on my List. I love to laugh. What I was thinking is that a true kindred is more than just one thing on the List. There has to be a mixture of items from your list for someone to be a real kindred. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy someone’s company. For sure, you can, and you should. It’s just one more reason why it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Every encounter is one where you can learn something because even if you’re with people who won’t end up being your kindreds, you can use the experience as a way to refine your List.

DAY 46 HOMEWORK: Don’t waste a moment to grow your emotional intelligence. Even if you have a negative encounter with someone, ask what you can learn about yourself in that moment. Consider what you can do differently next time. Then, do it!


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