Day 48: Speak the language of love

We were listening this evening to a song that was sung in several different languages: Portuguese, French and Spanish. It reminded me that kindreds don’t have to speak your language to be kindreds. I’ve had a bunch of kindreds whose native language was other than mine.

I used to teach English as a Second Language. One of my favorite years was the one when I had a whole class full of kindreds from Japan, Korea, Colombia, Eastern Europe and other countries. They all had pretty good English, but were still learning the language, and learning the culture. It was such a fun time improving language skills as we wrote, produced, and acted in several movies. I taught them a Shakespearean play, and then we went to watch a live play at a local college. It was such a joy to look down the row to watch them laughing at a story written in a 400-year-old language.

There are things that transcend language…things a heart knows.

I’ve watched a couple of my nieces interacting with family and friends from Brazil. Those who don’t speak much English still feel the love when those sweet girls love on them. They don’t need to speak the same language because a kind heart speaks volumes.

DAY 48 HOMEWORK: Even if you don’t speak another language, you can speak the language of love. Share a little kindness with someone today who is not a native speaker. They will understand you loud and clear!



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