Day 51: As is

Writing a daily blog is somewhat like writing a book and putting it out for everyone to critique before having any editorial assistance. As I thought about that, I realized that this blog has been a stretching exercise for me. I write for a living (at least that’s a part of what I do every day). Most often, I can write and rewrite a simple email 4 or 5 times before it’s ready to go out for distribution. I’ll have people read it to make sure the info is coming across. Then, I’ll set it aside for a bit so that I have time to come back to it with fresh eyes. I’m a perfectionist and cringe when I see something’s gone out with an error in it. It doesn’t happen that often, because I work hard to make things right. That’s why this blog is good for me. I don’t have time to write and re-write this thing. I work lots of hours, and so by the time dinner is over and I have a little family time, there’s not much left over to craft a perfect blog.

I’m sharing my thoughts, and realize that every word choice is not ideal. I put it out knowing that someone might think less of my writing skills than I would probably want, but that really goes against what I’ve been writing about. Finding Kindreds is about accepting people for who they are, the way they are. It’s loving them through their deficiencies, and connecting with them unconditionally. It’s going without makeup. It’s letting people see your home as it’s lived in. It’s being who you are and loving yourself the way you were made. It’s letting people read what you write even though it may not be “perfect.” I’m putting it into practice. How about you?

DAY 51 HOMEWORK: What is it that you’re a “perfectionist” about? Dare to let someone see when you’re not at your best. It’s freeing. Give it a try!


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