Day 52: Read this book

I’m reading a book that every woman should read. Probably everybody should read. It’s written by a woman, for women, about women, but I can’t help to think as I’m reading it how many men I know who are as equally as plagued by the issues discussed in this book: primarily, listening to that critical voice inside of us.

The book is called Playing Big by Tara Mohr. I’m not sure if you can truly be kindreds with an author, but I think you can when you so closely connect to the words jumping off the pages. This author is spot on to so many of the problems we face in adulthood. Except for coming from different spiritual perspectives, her book fits perfectly with what I’ve been blogging about: being true to yourself, rising above the voices inside, loving yourself, loving others.

One of the many points I enjoyed from today’s reading was “If people haven’t been taught how to use their creativity, how to imagine, then they can’t create a dramatically different reality than what they know today, because they can’t imagine it.” This was couched in a section about listening to the voice of wisdom inside rather than that critical voice. It felt, at first, a little like trying to develop a split personality, but when you remember imagination, that thing so many of us left behind when we came into “adulthood,” the ability to look at things dramatically differently seems possible. It’s a message we all need to take to heart.

DAY 52 HOMEWORK: Seriously, go order this book and, if you feel you can’t spend the money to get it, get it anyway and wrap it up like a Christmas gift to yourself. If you read it and follow the directions, your self-image will thank you in the New Year.


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