Day 54: The snarling Chihuahua makes me smile

Does anyone else do this? When staring at a tile floor, you start to see the face of an Appalachian woman, or a crazed Chihuahua, or an old man staring at the sea? They appear in the squiggles, in the cracks, in the random designs and no matter how you try to un-see them, every time you pass those spaces, you see those characters appear.

Maybe I’m strange, but I’m starting to see the characters appear more frequently. They’re jumping off of granite countertops, and from smudges on a wall. They lean off of cracked concrete, and even pop their heads through tree bark. They don’t talk to me…thank goodness! But I find myself smiling more often because my creativity seems to be coming back.

Somehow, writing this blog is helping me. And I hope it’s helping you. In the process of putting myself out there, vulnerable, and open to criticism, it’s freeing me. My walls of fear of rejection are falling down. I may still be rejected, but it matters less. It’s the process that counts.

The power of using creativity is reciprocal. The more you use it, the more it gives back to you. I’m discovering this firsthand, and it’s giving me joy.

DAY 54 HOMEWORK: Start to use your gift of creativity, in whatever form it takes. See if that law of reciprocal creativity works for you too. I’m positive it will!


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