Day 55: A little ramble

Yesterday, I was mentioning that my creativity is starting to come back. How do I know?? So many little things are making me smile.

If I had the means to do anything in the world, I probably would buy old houses and fix them up, so I sometimes take the time to live vicariously through Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Seeing something worn out and dysfunctional become beautiful and useful again makes me so happy, and they do that over and over again.

So last night, I had a dream that we were looking to buy a “new” house. A recent episode of the show probably planted the dream seed. In the dream, we were touring a home that was a hundred or so years old, and it had so much character, but it needed a bunch of love. Even 15 hours later, I can recall little details from the dream. One of the ideas I saw was a beautiful stained glass piece. Stained glass is one of the things that I’ve always wanted to learn, so it’s appearance in the dream was one more sign that my creativity is reviving. I awoke with an idea for my kitchen project that I want to start in the coming year. I’d better start looking for a stained glass class.

By now, you can guess that I’m a reader. At any given time, I’m usually reading a handful of books at the same time. I pick up one for a few days, and then another, and then another. A couple of books I ordered through work came in today, and one of them is a design course book. On this day that I kept thinking about my latest dream, I was so tickled for that book to show up on my desk…I’m still smiling. I really wanted to start on that book tonight, but I’m reading the Playing Big book and thought I’d better focus. Brownie points for me!

DAY 55 HOMEWORK: Dreams can be a source for creativity, for ideas. While your mind is asleep, it’s still busy at work and you never know what ideas might be inspired. Take some time to think about your dreams as you wake up. If you journal, write them down. Your next big idea could be in mind, literally, and you only need to pay attention.