Day 56: A mid-life crisis…but in a good way

After a long chat with my bff tonight, I really want to talk a bit about mid-life crises. The stereotypical mid-life crisis is a little red sports car, or trading in a spouse for a 20-something hottie, or jet setting across the country, spending money wildly. Those things all center around stuff and prestige and making someone feel young again. But, during our conversation, my bff said something that both tickled me and stuck with me.

We were talking about how things are suddenly becoming clearer for us both. We feel like we’re coming to a good place in our lives with helping others, and feeling good about ourselves and our callings. Things that used to be so important are suddenly holding less importance, and “stuff” matters little.

I shared with her a thought from a book my sister introduced to me a few months ago about getting rid of clutter. The author of that book said that you shouldn’t buy or keep anything that, when you pick it up, doesn’t give you a sense of joy inside. I love that. There’s so much stuff in my home that is simply inanimate. There’s no joy, no attachment whatsoever when I hold it or see it. The concept is that if you keep only those things that bring you joy and get rid of the rest, then your home will be simple and clean and restful. I’m definitely not there yet, but all of these concepts I’ve been learning about life and about myself are converging and bringing a sense of clarity to me, and what I want for my life. My bff summed it up with, “I feel the same thing with all these things coming together lately. It’s like a mid-life crisis…but in a good way.”

You don’t need stuff to feel young. In fact, that stuff seems to make people feel older than they really are, after a while. If you’re going to have a mid-life crisis, make it a good one.

DAY 56 HOMEWORK: Pick something up in your home and see what kind of feeling it gives you. Is it joy? If not, donate it to someone who will find joy in it.


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