Day 58: Creativity + Fellowship = Cool Gift

Secret Santa days at work are fun each year, and tomorrow is the reveal day for this year. I’ve had a great Secret Santa this year. He or she sent me a sudoku puzzle every day. Once solved, each one had a code to give me a clue where my gift was hidden. Some days, it was with a coworker; others, it was on another floor in the building. We weren’t allowed to spend more than $25 in total, so it was mainly the challenge of surprising someone else on the floor with a little smile, and doing so without letting them know who you are.

I’ve had great fun being a Secret Santa, too. I’ve had a little gift for my person every day since we started, and one of the things on her list of ideas was a wind chime. Even with spending $1 or $2 on the little daily gifts, I knew it would be tough to get her a wind chime with the remaining dollars. So I found a few sites that explain how to make one, and stopped by Lowe’s to get a few copper pipes and some chain. I started working on it this afternoon, and into the evening, my family stopped by to help me finish it up. It was fun to hang out in our workshop and figure out how to make pretty music out of a few supplies. I think she’s going to love it.

Yet, I’m not really sure who’s getting the cool gift…the one getting the chimes or me…just because of the fun I had with my family making the gift. It was definitely worth the time spent.

DAY 58 HOMEWORK: Need a gift for someone? Why don’t you make one? And invite someone to help you. It’s rewarding for you, and the gift receiver might even like it.


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