Day 60: Only do, there is no want

With Star Wars in the news, you might find tonight’s thought akin to Yoda’s wisdom. The best thing I read today was a chapter from that book I was telling you about: Playing Big. Ms. Mohr was talking about Leaping. She said that so many times, we talk about what we want to do: our dreams, our plans, those goals we’ll reach someday. What she said we really needed to do was to leap. Take a small action on something you’ve always dreamt about, one that will push you closer to achieving the goal.

In taking these small leaps, we can gain insight into if it’s something we really would enjoy doing. We can get feedback on what we need to improve. We can see if there’s any interest, or if we’re even reaching for the right audience.

She has some rules around the leap. Here are a few:

  1. set it for the next 2 weeks
  2. make it simple
  3. get your adrenaline going (you should freak a bit)
  4. you must connect to your audience in some way (you can’t do it alone)

I started thinking that so many times we set New Year’s resolutions that we can’t keep, and it’s because we don’t leap. The resolutions are too grand, and they start to overwhelm us, so we give up. What if we approached the upcoming year by leaping? What if we try small sprints to use our gifts as they are, to see what the response is. Then, we leap again, to make adjustments, and push us out a little further.

DAY 60 HOMEWORK: Get this book, really! She’s got great examples of how we can get stopped in our tracks by our wants, those things we want to do someday. A great leaper, you are! We just have to retrain the way we do.


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