Day 64: Quit striving

We had friends over tonight, friends who are like family, and even if we can’t make it at other times during the year, we try to make it work at least during the holidays. Sometimes, it’s Thanksgiving, sometimes Christmas, sometimes in between, but it’s a connection that is important, so we find a date every holiday season.

My daughter-in-love and I made a crockpot full of white chili before heading off to The Nutcracker. By the time we got home, the house was smelling good, and we took an hour to get ready for our guests. The two of us enjoyed being together and working together. I’m certainly blessed!

Anyway, our friends were supposed to bring cornbread, their special recipe, but when they got here, my friend apologized and showed me the store bought cornbread in her hand. Of course, I was disappointed because my mouth was watering for her special treat, but I wasn’t heart-broken. It’s just a meal after all. I was more interested in the time together.

She went on to tell me that she was reading Brene’ Brown’s book on imperfection and it was a big step to give herself permission to not be perfect. I laughed and told her I’m working on the same thing and I’m blogging about it, too. She and her cornbread would be the subject of my blog tonight. The meal turned out great, no one died without the special recipe cornbread, and we had a wonderful time together.

As a side note, they bought us a game that is only questions for dinner conversation. Looks like many people are feeling these same things about connection, and giving ourselves room to be imperfect. Are you feeling it, too?

DAY 64 HOMEWORK: Are you trying to be perfect with your holiday plans? If so, don’t strive so hard. Let yourself be imperfect. Think of the connection, and the rest will come together. Those who love you will still love you, even if it’s not “perfect”!


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