Day 66: Conversation bites

In most of my leadership training, I’ve heard that you should have an elevator speech in your back pocket. That is, put to memory a 30-second pitch to tell who you are and what your passion is, just in case you see someone influential in the elevator. Elevator speeches are helpful, but I also believe having a few thoughtful questions in your back pocket is critical to your social well-being. They are those questions you can pull up when there’s an awkward silence, to get the conversation flowing again.

With Christmas upon us, this week I’m going to share some random questions that you can bring up as you gather with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe one (or more) of these questions will become your back-pocket questions as you practice being interested in what others think. If you practice often, it will eventually come more naturally.

  1. Would you rather visit the library, the zoo, or an art museum?
  2. Tell us what you think the funniest movie ever made was?
  3. Would you rather have more time or money?
  4. If you were king, what law would you make?
  5. If you went on a mission or volunteer trip, who would you most like to help?

DAY 66 HOMEWORK: As family starts to gather or you’re attending those last-minute work parties, practice asking others the questions above. As you work through this exercise, collect other ideas and write them down to put in your social arsenal.


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