Day 70: All is calm

This Christmas day was very quiet. We relaxed all day and simply spent the time with each other, watching movies, eating treats, and putting a puzzle together. It’s rare to have these quiet days, mostly away from social networks, mostly to ourselves, but with ourselves. It was OK to be quiet; it was actually glorious for my spirit. The festivities are fun, but there’s something to be said for “All is calm.”

As I considered that hymn, it’s quite curious that all could be calm for Mary and Joseph. Would it be possible? Could Mary be calm through birthing the Son of God, and as her first child, not even knowing what to expect of labor? Could Joseph be calm through not being able to provide a suitable place for his wife? Could the baby Jesus be calm amongst the animals and the hay? Surely, he felt the overwhelming fears of his parents.

As I put myself in their places, I’m not sure I would be “calm.” I’m not sure I could be silent. I’m not sure I wouldn’t be throwing up! Of course, we don’t really know exactly what each of them was feeling that night, but the songs we sing this time of year give us much to think about if we truly consider the words we sing.

Whatever it is that you’re facing tonight, try to rest in those words: All is Calm. Rest, knowing that a loving God has you in the palm of His hand.

DAY 70 HOMEWORK: Be calm and sleep in heavenly peace!



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