Day 72: Free answers

Sometimes, a day may feel a little stale. Maybe it becomes routine, and you need something different. One of the best and simplest (and free) answers to a stale day is a walk. There’s something about getting outside, raising your heart beat, and getting some fresh air. It doesn’t need to be a long walk, but if you can go for at least 30 minutes, it will help, even if it’s cold outside.

We have a greenway close to work. On those days that I take the time to walk, I get much more accomplished in the second half of the day. When I don’t walk, I still get stuff done, but there’s something about a silent walk, communing with nature, that clears my mind and allows me to refocus when I return. It’s almost like cloning myself.

It works at home, too. Let’s say everyone is sleepy. Suggest a walk and see what happens. Let’s say everyone is lost in technology. Suggest a walk and see what happens. See what happens, that is, if everyone gets up and goes walking. It’s invigorating. Talking happens, and maybe even laughter. When you’re finished, you may have sweat out the impurities! Altogether, it’s a win-win.

DAY 72 HOMEWORK: Walking will breathe life into a stale day, and mix up your routine. Try it out, and invite someone along.


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