Day 73: Connections are not just human

At any one time, I’m reading a host of books at the same time. I get through them, eventually, but I enjoy ideas and love seeing the variety of ideas from different people and how they meld in my brain. It fosters my creativity.

I’m reading a book on handwriting fonts, a book about women finding their voice, a book about de-cluttering, a book about loving the home I’m in. There are a couple of writing books on the side, but they are secondary right now.

An example of how this all comes together in my brain is that I see that I don’t need a “dream house” to be happy. I can spend minimal money by decluttering my space and fixing up the areas that need attention. I can design a font that coordinates with my new design and decorate the space with my own art, and all of that together helps me to be more confident. When I am more confident, I have more courage to reach outside of myself and create opportunities for connections.

There is method to my madness, and it makes me happy.  It may drive someone else crazy, but not me. I’ve learned to function quite creatively in this way. Even if you’re not built this way, maybe you can learn from my melting pot of ideas.

DAY 73 HOMEWORK: If you’re reading more that one book right now, pay attention to what synergies are happening in your head this week. How are the ideas crossing over? If you’re a “one at a time” person, then start looking at the other things you take in…a movie, a tv show, your friend’s idea, your mother’s phone call…you might be surprised to find connections that actually make sense.



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