Day 77: 2016 challenge

Our neighborhood has a Facebook group. I may have written about it before, but I’ve been thinking about it the past few weeks. What I like about it is that the users in the group can put names with faces and learn a bit more about our neighbors. When it first opened up, I offered up my home for a craft night. We made wreaths. Someone knew how to do it, and posted a crafts list. We bought the stuff, and then we just showed up and had fun working on the wreaths together. It was a small group of strangers…all bound together by our neighborhood. When the night was over, we were no longer strangers.

Cool idea. It just didn’t last. No one picked up the idea following that one July night, and though a few of us chatted about the next one, summer plans turned into fall plans, and then maybe a cookie exchange, and here we are at the beginning of the year without a second gathering.

My house isn’t the way I want it to be, and my life gets full of obligations, but I’m challenging myself to opening my home one night a month over the next year, just to whoever wants to show up from the neighborhood. Maybe it will be crafts, maybe just a night to chat, or a book review, or a movie night. I don’t really know yet, but if I don’t plan it, it’s not going to happen. I’ll keep telling myself, “Next week.” But like tomorrow, next week never comes.

What it doesn’t have to be is perfect. What it doesn’t have to be is fancy. It just needs to be an invitation. And maybe someone will come over. Maybe someone needs to make a connection. Maybe nothing will come of it. But maybe something will. And I won’t wait for someone else to extend the next invitation. This is my journey. These connections are where I’m starting. Maybe Mr. Rogers had a good thing going.

DAY 77 HOMEWORK: If you feel brave, join in on my challenge. Open up your home one night a month. If you don’t have a neighborhood Facebook group, start one. Or maybe invite a group from your church, or your workplace, or a sports activity…find a place where you can start being the connector, and let’s see what happens.


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