Day 81: Learning from others

My friend, Tod, at work, sometimes follows my blog. We meet every couple of weeks to discuss our technology projects, and we end up talking about connections and community. He’s a musician, so he connects with his band, and he’s just done with an MBA, so he’s really enjoying reconnecting with his family.

This week, he sent me a link of something he read because he thought I’d enjoy it. And I did! The author decided to go on a year-long social media fast. She said she tried it for a week and did fine that week, but as soon as the week was over, she went right back into that mode of living vicariously through everyone else’s memes, or living community in fewer than 140 characters.

The idea to do a social-media fast that long may sound radical, what she found sweet about her week-long fast was that she found she really did have time to do everything she wanted to do, more enriching moments, with and for others, and still take care of herself.

We always complain about being “so busy.” And life is. But everything we do is a choice. If we spend time on social media, or computer games, or ____ (you fill in the blank), then that’s not time we’re spending face-to-face with others. Think about that. If we have to text our loved ones across the table, there’s something wrong. We’re forgetting how to even communicate with others.

I’m not asking you to do what this author is doing. I’m not. I can’t right now because my challenge to myself is to blog for a whole year, so maybe I’ll think about it after Day 365. But we should think about what’s consuming our enriching time. Do we need to give something up? Do we need to do something differently?

DAY 81 HOMEWORK: Read the article Tod sent me, and take a look at your habits and think about what adjustments you need to make.


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