Day 82: Connectedness

Gallup would be an interesting company to work for. Through their research, one of the many systems they came up with is called Strengthsfinder, and Marcus Buckingham, who worked for Gallup, became passionate about strengths. He started his own company and continues his quest to help people live out their best lives by playing to their strengths. I’ve read just about everything he’s written.

I’ve taken the Strengthsfinder 2.0 several times, and a couple of other similar “tests.” My strengths came back with the same 3 in the top every time, and several others rotated through the bottom, which Marcus would say are probably in the top 10, just in varying degrees. Because they keep popping up in my lists, I’d guess they’re probably in my top 7.

He says that we have many strengths, but when we can use our top strengths on a daily basis, we tend to live happier, more satisfied lives. I have the joy of using my top 3 strengths every day. These other ones feel more like part of my personality, but I do see how they benefit my work, and how they shape the way I think and act.

One of those that rotated in and out of my top 5 list is called Connectedness. The strength is seeing how everything in the world is connected. It may be why I read several books at a time, to see how ideas interconnect. And may be why I started a blog about community and connecting with others. We who have Connectedness tend to believe that everything happens for a reason, can see causes behind events, and recognize instinctively missing pieces or the random connections between ideas or situations.

I didn’t realize, until right now, how well that strength fit in with my Myers-Briggs profile, which says I’m “highly instinctive.” Hmmm…now I’m really thinking about that connection. And if I’m highly instinctive, why didn’t I see that connection until now? Ha! Now my brain is reminding me that I’m not perfect…remember Brene’ Brown?

OK. I’m losing focus. Maybe that’s enough for today.

DAY 82 HOMEWORK: You don’t have to have the strength of Connectedness to make changes in your life that will provide more community for you, with those you love, or are yet to enjoy being around. But it is interesting to learn more about yourself. Do a little internet search on Strengthsfinder and see if you can find an article about the strengths patterns they’ve defined.




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