Day 84: First full week of the New Year

Well, we’ve made it through Friday, the first full week of work after all the holidays, and family, and festivities. It’s not that this week is any longer than any other normal work-week, but it sure feels like it!

I’ve noticed that even though the year has been short, and the project list is already getting long, I’ve spent more time talking with others this week than usual. It’s been good hearing what people did for Christmas, or New Year’s, or for their last vacation days of the year. We’ve sat and talked about the plans for the coming weeks. We’ve collectively worked through process improvements. And it seems like we’ve talked more about diets this week than during the past six months altogether.

This Friday evening, I’m more tired than normal. I haven’t been able to stop yawning since I got home and I probably should be sleeping right now. Returning to a schedule is welcome, but makes me feel worn out.

Despite all this, my daughter-in-love and I went to see a movie at church tonight. I feel, at Day 84 in, that I’m making progress in my quest to make connections. It’s all about being intentional. The more you pay attention, the more you notice. Thank you, Captain Obvious! But it’s true. When we started, we often let time just pass by. Time is still passing, but I’m taking more advantage of the time I have to invest in others.

DAY 84 HOMEWORK: How are you doing 84 days in? Are you more intentional that you were when we started? Spend a few minutes taking inventory, and readjust as needed. Tomorrow is the weekend, so enjoy, and make connections!


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