Day 85: This one’s just right…

We’ve lived in our town for about 13 years. Actually, we have lived in the same house for as long as we’ve been in Tennessee, and that’s a record! Before we moved here, we moved homes about every three years, so now I know what it’s like for things to start falling apart after a time. There’s lots to do to get my home the way I’d like it to be, but it’s very comfortable, and we’re so blessed to have such a beautiful roof over our heads.

One of the things I’ve had a hard time with, since we’ve been here, is finding the right hair stylist. I had a friend who cut my hair back in Illinois and she always did a nice job and had no drama! As a no-drama-stylist kind of person, I still like someone with personality.

The first stylist I stayed with, I loved personally: she was a great Christian lady, but kept moving her chair from salon to salon. I think in the few years I went to her to get a cut, I’ll bet she was at 7 different places. It was tiring chasing her down.

The second one had a couple of kids who’d often come in to the salon and take all her attention away from what she was doing. I left there a few times with blonder than normal hair because she was taking care of her kids, or had tried squeezing a friend’s cut in while my hair was processing.

The last one was a wonderful colorist. I loved the way my hair looked when it was done…most times. The last couple of times with her left something to be desired. The top of my hair looked super, but if I pulled my hair back, I had lines in my hair. No good. And after that 3-hour appointment, it was time to look for someone new…again.

I’m not terribly picky about my hair, because it always grows back, and I’m not rude, but if I’m paying someone to make it look nice, I like it to look nice. That’s not asking for too much, is it? I usually give people 2 times to do my hair because the first try may not have been a good day, but after a second try, I don’t keep repeating the error.

When looking for a stylist, nice work is only half the chemistry. More important than the way I look is the way the person interacts with me as a client. Somewhat like Goldilocks, I’ve felt some stylists too loud and gossipy; some were too quiet and with no personality; it was a sigh of relief when I found the one who is just right: good at his work, with interesting conversation, and yet comfortable with silence. He’s great on all accounts.

Thinking about this analogy when we’re looking for our kindreds, we should be like Goldilocks, seeking out those who are just right…for us. The loud and gossipy ones work well for some people. They may find them full of life and fun. The quiet ones work well for others. Maybe one who talks a lot would work well with a quiet kindred; at least, they’d have a sounding board. Whatever is your “just right,” keep seeking. Not all kindreds fit all people. And that’s ok.

DAY 85 HOMEWORK: What’s your “just right”? Have you thought about that? If not, take some time to figure out what you like in a kindred so you’ll know it when you see it.


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