Day 86: It’s about the people

Today, I watched a sponsored ad on Facebook about Tupperware. It was a quick video about Mr. Tupper in the 40s and 50s and how he started his business. He tried selling his plastic bowls in hardware stores, but it was a novel idea at the time and it didn’t go over very well. They almost went broke. But Mr. Tupper teamed up with a partner who helped Tupperware start to share their story in homes, through relationships, and the rest, so they say, is history.

I remember one of my first friendships in grade school was with a little girl named Diana Rangel. She was my first introduction to a diverse world. Diana’s family was from Mexico and one of play times at Diana’s house was when her mom had a Tupperware party. I remember not understanding a word anyone was saying, but I loved the diversity, and it was fun seeing all the Tupperware gadgets. I don’t know what happened to Diana after we moved (about 3rd grade), but I never forgot that friend.

All that was about relationships, and as one quick moment in time, it marked my childhood, and probably is a huge reason I ended up marrying a Brazilian, and love learning from cultures all over the world.

One of our new favorite shows to watch is called The Profit, with Marcus Lemonis. Marcus goes into failing businesses and tries to analyze why they’re not working to decide if he wants to invest in the company. What I really like about it, besides it being a mini-MBA on the TV, is his focus on people. If an owner isn’t treating his partners or employees right, the business will never succeed over the long-term. It’s usually the relationships that cause Marcus to walk away from investing in a company. Yet, when owners understand the people part and have a new focus on the business numbers and processes, their potential is huge. It’s such a fascinating process to watch.

It’s all about the people. All of it. All of life. I see that more and more everyday. I hope you’re seeing it, too. Tupperware made a legacy off of relationships. Marcus Lemons is teaching us his business principles about relationships. Let’s learn from them.

DAY 86 HOMEWORK: Where in your life could you understand more about the people? Where do you need to focus on relationships? Recognizing it is half the battle. So start there today.



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